A Creative Approach To Digital Media!

CLARITY: The Quality of Being Easily Understood

LaunchAd: Born out of a passion for the digital space. Our mission is to better serve you the brand, to bring CLARITY and TRANSPARENCY to the often murky digital waters. We offer a consultative approach to deliver real results by utilizing nearly two decades worth of expert level knowledge in mobile & digital media. We help solve your digital media problems. We simplify the process from start to finish and do so without any long term commitments. Think of us as your IN-HOUSE DIGITAL MARKETING EXPERTS.


Decades of digital media experience give us a unique perspective and insight into what works. We help navigate, negotiate and optimize. No other service can match our skill-set, transparency and results as we do.


Cross device reach with a heavy focus on mobile help us to deliver high engagmement for the brands we work with. Utilizing highly engaging formats and premium placments we can deliver video, install and lead based campaigns.


We drive actual engagement. This is what we do! We do the heavy lifting so you don't have to. Your goals and objectives are at the foundation of our efforts and are constatly working towards them.


Performance first approach translates to more engagement with your brand. Simply put we deliver more overall interaction with your brand. We boost your digital marketing efforts to the next level.

FOCUS: A Main Purpose or Interest


Branded Content

Brands & Agencies, imagine getting your product or service in front of new engaging people or brand loyal consumers as they finish consuming content and are ready to discover more! We do that, we connect people with your brand directly as they go through their daily routines of consuming information. Our approach helps people DISCOVER or REDISCOVER your brand and engage them with the content you have so carefully created or earned. With our STRATEGY we deliver quantifiable results in a new and engaging way. We have the ability to reach millions of people daily on their phones, tablets and computers to ensure that consumer engagement with your brand is maximized to it's potential.

Social Advertising

We are experts at utilizing paid social advertising platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. We do creative, campaign set ups, campaign management and optimizations beyond what most internal teams can ever do. We are focused on placements and ad formats that perform. It's just that simple.

User Acquisition: Mobile Apps & Web

Acquire new users on a performance basis. We help drive real user engagement by marketing your promo to acquire actual registrations, coupon redemptions and app installs. A great way to grow your user base and build brand loyalty.

Creative & Landing Page Development

We are constantly testing and optimizing and can help develop new creative to make sure your campaigns are always at peak performance. We also provide creative ways in which to engage consumers and can help develop and implement new and creative landing pages that LAUNCH your post click engagement through the roof. We take a NEW APPROACH!

We Help Solve the Following Problems:

  • Format, vendor and inventory fragmentation
  • Siloed inventory
  • Creative size restrictions
  • Media management and adopts complexity
  • Compound vendor and service fees
  • Walled and non-programmatic inventory
  • Reporting reconciliation
  • Cross-media price and performance optimization
  • Tracking and analytics
  • Engagement metrics and reporting
  • Cross-device inefficiencies
  • Same old same old, non creative thinking

Pricing Transparency

No gray area here, we are transparent with pricing! We focus on results and with this approach we save you TIME and MONEY so you can focus on what you do best. Building brands!

A New Vision In Performance Marketing

Creatively Thinking New Engaging Media!


SOLUTION: Something that Solves a Problem

TRUST: Belief in the Reliability, Truth, Ability, or Strength of Someone or Something

CONSULTING: Providing Professional Or Expert Advice

Improve and Audit: We can be your eyes and ears to make recommendations, give expert insight and feedback. Need help understanding what you are being sold, not exactly sure what questions to ask? We can can do the vetting for you, we ask the hard questions and get the answers. We know more than most reps out there PERIOD! It's time to send that used car sales mentality back to the lot. We offer new and interesting ways to promote your brand and can help with creative and landing page development to help drive the most engagement with your brand. We are passionate about what we do and offer strategies that work. Our team combines years of experience and expertise in the mobile and online advertising industries and we utilize that expertise to deliver clarity, avoid pitfalls, saving you time and money and in the end delivering better results for you. We are your team of DIGITAL MEDIA EXPERTS.


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